139 North Main Street
Moab, Utah 84532



Sunrise Panini
* fresh herbed focaccia, 2 eggs &… $6
* smoked ham, white cheddar, spinach,onion
* sausage, provolone, onion, tomato
* spinach, onion, tomato, goat cream cheese, roasted red pepper spread
* bacon, tomato, Monterey, onion


New Mexico * eggs, potatoes, chorizo, cheddar, salsa $6

Wescial Burrito * eggs, bacon, Chopped green chile, cheddar, salsa $6

Locals’ Burrito *  eggs, potatoes, Spinach, onion, cheddar, salsa $6

Beans! Burrito *  eggs, salsa,cheddar, black beans, chopped green chile $6

Veerrito * tofu, onion, spinach, chickpeas, poblano peppers, potatoes, salsa $6

Carnitas * eggs, shredded pork, pico de gallo, queso fresca $6

Bombero * eggs, slow roasted brisket, cheddar, bombero sauce, avocado $6

Potatas Bravas * 2 eggs over home fries tossed in a delicious sauce of onion, garlic & tomato,  Reminiscent of tapas in Spain $7

Huevos Rancheros * 2 eggs over a pile of home fries, black beans, red chile sauce, corn tortilla and cheddar $8

Skinny Omelet * a crepe like omelet wrapped around baby spinach, red onion, mushrooms &  a bit of crumbled feta cheese $8

Warm & Nutty Quinoa * seasonal fresh berries & oven Toasted nuts top a bowl of sweetened quinoa $6

Whole Whole Waffles * whole wheat, flax, cinnamon $6

Granola & Yogurt* seasonally spiced granola made by Us!   served over a bowl of vanilla yogurt $6.50

B.F.G. * One gi-nourmous drop biscuit, 2 eggs & our tasty sausage gravy. $6

Verde * slow roasted brisket, home fries, cheddar, two eggs, chile verde $8

Eggs . Potatos . Toast * Housemade toast, home fries, 2 eggs any style $6


Sandwiches $7.50

All sandwiches are served on our house made bread with Kettle chips.

Muffaletta * Layers of salami!  Sopressata, capicola, Genoa &  cotto.  Provolone & fontina cheese. olive tapenade & creamy mayo .Onion & tomato

Hot Stallion * four salamis, fontina cheese, onion, tomato Sweet spicy mustard, mayo, pepperoniccis.

Vesuvio * real roasted turkey, cotto salami, fontina cheese. Sweet spicy mustard, mayo, mixed greens & tomato

Chipotle Turkey * house roasted turkey, Monterey cheese, Onion, tomato & our tasty chipotle mayonnaise Pressed on the grill.

Surf & Turf * white albacore tuna, thick bacon, tomato,Onion & mixed greens

Jamaican Jerk Chicken * chicken salad spiced with our Blend Of savory spicy Jamaican flavors.   onion, Tomato & mixed greens.  Feel it

Fresh Veg * roasted red pepper spread, goat cream cheese, Sprouts, carrots, tomato, onion, spring greens

Summer Love BLT * Classic BLT with avocado & pesto mayo. All the bounty of local tomatoes & basil.

Kung Fu * baked tofu, sesame ginger vinaigrette, carrots, greens, sprouts, onions, tomato

Banh Mi * Vietnamese pork, pickled carrots, sriracha mayo, cilantro, greens, onions

Salads $7.50

Farmhouse * sherry vinaigrette, blue cheese, hard boiled egg, walnuts, shaved fennel over spring greens

Greenie*  cilantro lime vinaigrette, avocado, celery, scallions, Bell peppers, white cheddar over mixed spring greens.

Seasonal Soups * $6.00